The Moonfires

Welcome to the portal site for the Moonfire Family. We are a small, but growing, clan. Among the people who share the Moonfire name, we have a wide variety of interests. It ranges from writing of all forms to photography to programming. Below are links to the various websites that showcase those artistic interests. Feel free to explore and enjoy.

Moonfire Photography

Susan’s primary interest is photography. She is a professional photographer and offers her services for familes and businesses. You can see her portfolio along with prices at Moonfire Photography. » Visit

D. Moonfire

D. Moonfire is the home for Dylan’s writing. It includes a number of his stories which tap into the fantasy and science fiction genres with the occasional foray into steampunk, forensic murder mysteries, and occasional advice on writing. This site also includes his blog. » Visit

Moonfire Games

Moonfire Games is the umbrella “organization” for Dylan’s interest in games of all types and everything that goes along with gaming. This can be actual games, both tabletop and computer, but libraries and applications used to support the rest of the Moonfire interests. » Visit